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Fibre Optic Repair Services

Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) provides professional fibre optic repair services to London and the surrounding areas. Our fully qualified engineers and support network have the ability to fix all problems, regardless of size.

From the end-users perspective, when a problem occurs it needs identifying. Is the fibre optic cabling in need of repair or does a fault lay elsewhere? If you’re having problems, simply contact our Support Team on 0333 900 0101, one of our consultants will talk you through a series of checks or arrange for a site visit.

Fibre optic systems become problematic when:

  • Incorrect installation techniques have been incorrectly carried out
  • Termination is poor
  • Cables have become damaged due to, direct impact, water ingress or rodents
  • The type of cable used is unsuitable
  • A lack of cable protection

If you are searching for fibre optic repair services in London you need to be confident you are dealing with the right organisation. One of the best ways to check is to determine if a supplier utilises state of the art, calibrated, test equipment. These include:

  • Flukes
  • Light Source and Power Meters
  • OTDR’s

Due to the high cost levels for this equipment only top end fibre optic specialists utilise them. As the leading supplier of fibre optic services in London, ACCL own all the required equipment associated with fibre optic repair and testing.

Company’s that have engaged the fibre optic services of ACCL include:

  • Aberdeen asset Management
  • Colt
  • M&C Saatchi
  • M F Global
  • The London Metal Exchange

If you have any issue with fibre optic cabling, you need to speak to the experts. By empowering ACCL you will realise from the outset, you are dealing with a professional organisation, one that sets and maintains high standards. For more information on our services, simply utilise our website forms or call us directly on 0333 900 0101.